...A Wind-Solar PV Hybrid Power Generation System


Solar PV in Opex/BOOT Model

Made in the USA. Installed around the world.

A highly efficient, low-cost, renewable energy hybrid device for any environment on or off grid.

Each unit is easy to install.

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Over the past few years, the solar industry has undergone a radical evolution from a feel good environmental story to a source for a competitive financial advantage. Many of the companies are leveraging the financial advantages of solar to stay ahead in ever competitive markets. The advantages of solar are not limited to larger businesses; many smaller businesses are also taking advantage of solar installations to potentially stabilize electricity costs and improve their bottom line.

The OPEX/BOOT financing model is a “third-party” ownership model, which has a “Project Developer” as the “System Owner” to procure, install, and operate the solar PV system on a  property of the “Customer” or “Facility owner”. The Customer enters into a long-term contract (typically referred to as the Power Purchase Agreement or PPA) to purchase 100% of the electricity generated by the system from the Project Developer. 

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Solar PV Systems

  • Single and Three phase Solar PV systems with net-metering
  • Subsidy systems for Off-Grid anf Grid-Tied Solar PV systems
  • Solar PV systems for Fuel and Irrigation Pumps
  • Customized Solar PV Solutions
  • Module Mounting Structures for Rooftop and Ground mount Solar PV systems with minimal material, lesser footings and reduced investment

We provide optimized solutions for your electrical load requirement and site conditions by designing a suitable system to utilize maximum power available from the sun and generate electrivity.

At GreenBOLT, we don't just provide POWER GENERATION solutions;
           We take care of the BUILDING INTEGRATION & embed ARCHITECTURAL AESTHETICS, as part of the solution.


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